Punta del Este is the hidden jewel, located 120km from the capital Montevideo is the most important beach resort of South America and the most versatile one. During the off season the beauty of the scenery and its peacefulness can be enjoyed; it then turns during the high season into the most fashionable and glamorous resort. Punta has become the favorite destination for those who seek an encounter with nature without losing first-rate infrastructure; Often compared to Saint Tropez, this resort offers its visitors an extensive variety of sights, luxury hotels, international gastronomy, art galleries, cultural events (international theatre, movies or Jazz festivals) and major sport competitions (tennis or Polo), not to mention its endless nights.

The warmth of its inhabitants, the preserved beauty of its coast and the investment climate as well as its European culture makes this country the perfect place for anyone interested in relocating in South America. Being French, English and Spanish speaking, we are able to help with all relocation needs such as furniture removal, property rental, residency papers, schooling, car purchases, car rentals, taxes, storage facilities, bank accounts and much more!

We act as independent relocation specialists who offer both advice and practical help for those moving to Uruguay.

Our relocation service is aimed to assist you prior to arriving in Uruguay, and in providing you with all the necessary information and paperwork you will need as well as contacting you with the reliable professionals ( moving companies, attorneys etc…). Upon arrival our job, will be to help you settle and adapt yourself in the smoothest way to your new environment by tailoring a relocation program adapted to your specific requirements and needs.